Cafe Junkie Episode 2

Cafe Junkie Episode 2 카페 중독자 カフェ・ジャンキー
Cafe Junkie Episode 2

Cafe Junkie Episode 2: The story rotates around Masaru and his companion Ijuuin, and their explicitly arranged adventures with 3 sisters, Kaede, Nanami, and Kurumi.. who all work and deal with a Cafe together. Kaede possesses the bistro, which is likewise worked by her two sisters Nanami and Kurumi. Masaru has been extended to a low maintenance employment opportunity by Kaede, which sets him to work close by the two different young ladies.

At the point when Kaede winds up waiting to be away from the Cafe for a month on a temporary job, she leaves Masaru responsible for the Cafe, putting an expansion on his low maintenance work.. also, conceding him the additional duty of ‘taking care of’ different young ladies in Kaede’s nonappearance.

Having his alone time with Nanami and Kurumi prompts some sudden occasions.

Kurumi first admits her affection for Masaru, and he tries to exploit the circumstance.. however, at that point wouldn’t you know it? Nanami is by all accounts succumbing to the male hero too. The sisters get some answers concerning Masaru’s double-crossing endeavors (like he wants to think about it), and they normally become envious of one another. At the point when Kaede returns right on time from her temporary job, she coincidentally occurs across the others revealed inside their appearances of love for one another, which gives her and Ijuujin ideal freedom to follow up on specific interests also.

Not good enough for him that Masaru will in any case wind up getting all the affection all to himself from every one of the three of the sisters eventually.

Year: 2008
Release date:May 30, 2009
Source: Vn Game
Genre: Censored, 2009, Big Boobs, Blowjob, Bondage, Boob job, Creampie, Foot Job, Gang Bang, Harem, Humor, Incest, Maid, Masturbation, Softcore, Toys, Vanilla
Quality: WEB-720PX
language: Subtitles
English name: Cafe Junkie Episode 2
Original name: カフェ・ジャンキー

Director: Nobitome Youta
Studio: Suzuki Mirano

Cafe Junkie Episode 2 카페 중독자 カフェ・ジャンキー

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