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Hentai, those perverse Japanese cartoons

Is there anyone who doesn’t know what Anime and Hentai are? These Japs have taken all elements of sex and managed to butcher the fuck out of it all. From their squid sex to tentacle sex, to cartoon sex one has to wonder what’s wrong with them? Is it all that fish that they are eating or did the radiation from Fukushima and Nagasaki finally burn their minds? All in all, when you are hit by the images of cartoon sex, you just start to cringe. That’s the first reaction. Then, as you start to watch it and take notice, you slowly start to accept it as not that bad. The “not that bad” stage is the first stage before the “Why am I still watching this?” stage. Before you know it, you are drawn into this world of debauchery and you just can’t believe what it is that you are watching. Hentai means a sexual perverse desire. It is all messed up, but once you get used to it, you will start to view it with a different set of eyes. It is all animation with cool storylines and plot lines. Nothing wrong with it.

Animations that are so real in their motions

If you take a closer look at the animations that these cartoons have, you must admit that they are pretty real with the physics that they are using. This is just one thing that is so appealing to them. They deliver the goods and they are not even trying. They didn’t even get to the bone of the reason why Anime is so popular and here you are already, drooling all over a small snippet of a cartoon clip. Yes, that’s how they get you those Japs, slowly with their weird ways and their neon colors. They know what it is that they are doing.

Favorite hentai niches

Furry – animals having human personalities, anthropomorphic animals

Lolicon – underage girls having sex

Futanari – a woman with both genitals, basically hermaphrodite

Chiran – a fetish where an alien or monster impregnates a woman and laying eggs inside of her

Tentacles – fetish where monsters use tentacles to penetrate characters, often in all holes

Ahegao – presenting face with tongue out and crossed eyes

Vore – a fetish in which one fantasizes about being eaten alive or eating another creature alive, eaten can also mean being swallowed with asshole or pussy

Guro – a type of anime, manga, or game which includes violence, torture, and sometimes death of the character

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