Dokidoki Little Ooyasan Episode 1


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Dokidoki Little Ooyasan Episode 1

It’s the same day of the month, just as I’ve always looked forward to the hostess coming to get the rent. I’m Daisuke Tanaka, who started his own university last year. I just stumbled upon an empty motel room notice because the former owner had left. The announcement has little information about this degraded and cramped apartment with an interesting note. It seems that every time you pay the rent. You will be the hostess “serving” something. And the “service” in short is… Something lewd… each time you pay for a stay. I must say that this “grandmother” who rents rooms in Vietnam is a burning room.

Dokidoki Little Ooyasan Episode 1 dokidokiりとる大家さん Heart-Throbbing Little Landlady 두근두근 리틀 집주인

Year: 2018 Year.
Source: Original
Genre: Censored, 2018, Ahegao, Blowjob, Cosplay, Creampie, Facial, Foot Job, Hand Job, Hanime, HD, Hentai stream, Loli, Megane, Slice of Life, Vanilla
Duration: 1ep. 25min.
language: Subbed
Quality: WEB-720px
Release date: May 24, 2018
Original name: dokidokiりとる大家さん
English name: Dokidoki Little Ooyasan Episode 1

Director: Matano Ryuuzou
Studio: Collaboration Works

Date: October 23, 2020