Haji+ Shinchishin Episode 2


Haji+ Shinchishin Episode 2
Haji+ Shinchishin Episode 2

Release date: 2022/10/28

Source: Original
Quality: 1080p
language: Subtitle
English name: Haji+ Shinchishin, Haji Plus
Original name: ハヂ+ ~羞チ心~

Director: N/A
Studio: Nur

Product Introduction:

Shameless innocence
“gail fee・NUR” label’s bursting maiden, beautiful girls who are extremely shy and wet!
A saucy girl, an earnest honor student, and a cool virgin!
Now you can thoroughly play with such beautiful girls and expose their embarrassing appearance to your heart’s content!
A serious honor student throws himself into a hot friendship and is exposed to the extreme of embarrassment!
A crucible of excitement at the trembling figure that desperately endures!
A surreal class scene where a serious girl boldly receives cheerleader clothes and no panties, and the surrounding male students ridicule, curse, and scorn!
The limbs of such a serious daughter who is exposed and despised are the exact opposite of the shyness that can be
Please enjoy “Otome no Suzuri”, which is wet with the agony of beautiful girls who are fully exposed to their embarrassing appearance!

I was driven into an impossible situation and secretly exposed my embarrassing appearance to Taiki as I was told
. And kept pretending to be calm…
It was Mika Takamine, a serious (black-hearted) beautiful girl who sensitively sensed the change in her best friend and tried to take proactive measures
… but…
ah, um… Takamine-san, is it really okay? In front of the bewildered
teacher, Mika was the only one sitting in a cheerleader uniform in a class in uniform…
Yes, my uniform got dirty, and this was the only change I had to make, so I’m fine.
The teacher who doesn’t say any more to flowers. However, for the boys around him, it was a tremendously delicious event and it was
break time. Male students gather around her out of curiosity.
Mika is bombarded with obscene words and exposed to shame

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