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Harem Camp! Episode 1

Harem Camp! Episode 1
Harem Camp! Episode 1

Harem Camp!  ハーレムきゃんぷっ!

Release date: Oct 2, 2022

Source: Manga
Quality: 1080p
language: Subtitle
English name: Harem Camp!
Original name: ハーレムきゃんぷっ!

Director: Toshihiro Watase
Studio: Studio Hokiboshi

One night, while Kensuke is enjoying his solo camping trip, a mysterious boy named Haruki appears in front of him.
Kensuke plays a prank on Aiki, one of the Harlem members, out of jealousy and insults towards Haruki.
A one-night-only mistake left to drunkenness in a pitch-black tent… Aio turns his back and silently resists.
I can’t stand the rough breathing and the throbbing warmth of my skin!
What did Kensuke see when he looked into his face to cross the line—!?

Product introduction:
“…would you like to sleep with me tonight?”

A narrow tent and close contact with
4 girls who are too defenseless and a one-night harem camp!
I thought, but it was a school that I met again! ? Envious everyday life
with the girls who formed the camp club is now starting 

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There’s no audio.


Glad I’m not the only one who noticed it🙂