Houkago no Yuutousei Episode 1


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Houkago no Yuutousei Episode 1

The film is a film by Sasamori and Tomoe. I don’t go to school for a few special reasons, I’m on an island on the southwest archipelago. I’m free here to help at my uncle’s motel. My room with 6 tatamis became our sex drive in just 1 week.

This ponytailed girl Chitose-san. She’s my cousin, she’s two years older than me. At first glance, she’s an exemplary, beautiful student who never does lewd things. But really you have to look back on this issue, the girls outside exude that holy innocence but be careful. That’s all outside. Well, my cousin’s no exception. Oh, and her friend, the shy girl, but she’s really eager for it…Let’s take a look at this movie of ours.

Year: 2018 Year.
Release date: 25.05.2018
Source: Manga
Genre: Ahegao, Big tits, Oral sex, Nakadashi, Paizuri, Incest
Quality: WEB-720PX
language: Subbed
English name: Houkago no Yuutousei Episode 1
Original name: 放課後の優等生

Director: N/A
Studio: N/A

Date: September 15, 2020
Actors: Chitose-san / Izumi / Yura

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