Ijirare Fukushuu Saimin Episode 1


Ijirare Fukushuu Saimin Episode 1  イジラレ ~復讐催○~ Best hentai videos
Ijirare Fukushuu Saimin Episode 1

T-Rex Studios and chief Raika Ken have declared a significant hentai anime variation of well-known manga craftsman Aiue Oka’s “Ijirare ~ Fukushuu Saimin ~” manga in 4 full OVA scenes. The dispatch is planned from February to March 2021.

The hero of the story is a full Japanese sick person kid who loves to keep an eye on young ladies and smell their underwear. He was frequently addressed savagely for this, yet the person proceeded with his messy work. In any case, since meeting the threesome of young ladies Izumi, Minako, and Sae, her life at the institute has gotten horrendous. Consistently he was assaulted by them and he imagined that one day he would deliver retribution on them. With the assistance of a simple book “Gipnotize someone”, our hero gets full power in his grasp…

Year: 2021r
Release date: February 05, 2021
Source: Manga
Genre: Censored, 2021, Anal, Big Boobs, Blowjob, Boob job, Creampie, Dark Skin, Facial, Fantasy, Gang Bang, Glasses, Harem, HD, Mind Break, Mind Control, New Release, Orgy, Plot, Public Sex, Rape, School Girl, T Rex, Virgin, X-ray
Quality: 1080PX
language: Subtitle
English name: Ijirare: Fukushuu Saimin / Bullied: Revenge Hypnosis
Original name: イジラレ ~復讐催○~

Director: Ken Raika
Studio:  T-Rex / Bunnywalker

Ijirare Fukushuu Saimin Episode 1 イジラレ ~復讐催○~

Date: February 3, 2021
Actors: Izumi / Minako / Sae