JK Fuuzoku Gakuensai Episode 2 – Preview


JK Fuuzoku Gakuensai Episode 2  OVA J〇フーゾク学園祭 #2 スポーツ少女と本番エクササイズ 競泳
JK Fuuzoku Gakuensai Episode 2

Raika Ken and T-Rex have reported a hentai anime variation of the CGI manga “JK Fuuzoku Gakuensai” by mainstream creator Yorokobi no Kuni otherwise known as Joy Ride (Imouto Bitch ni Shiboraretai, Ecchi na Onee-chan ni Shiboraretai).

The delivery is booked for April 2021 as two full OVA scenes. The primary character of hentai is a conventional Japanese moderately aged man who functions as an office laborer. At some point, he met a curiously wanton little youngster from a private ladies’ institute, who gave him a bizarre celebrity card to the “social ladies’ pleasure celebration”.

culture celebration proceeds. .. I needed to utilize the staying two premium cards Cautiously to get exceptional administrations. Water Fitness Guidance Madoka-chan Volleyball Coach Experience Guidance Ayana-chan

Welcomed by two well proportioned delightful young ladies, I just gave over the card …!

Year: 2020Year.
Release date: April 2.2021
Source: Manga
Genre: Preview, 2021, Big Boobs, Blowjob, Censored, Creampie
Quality: WEB-720PX
language: RAW
English name: JK Fuuzoku Gakuensai Episode 2
Original name: OVA J〇フーゾク学園祭 #2 スポーツ少女と本番エクササイズ 競泳水着とブルマの個人指導

Director:Raika Ken
Studio: T-Rex

JK Fuuzoku Gakuensai Episode 2 OVA J〇フーゾク学園祭 #2 スポーツ少女と本番エクササイズ 競泳

Date: February 8, 2021
Actors: Ayana / Madoka / Marina / Mihiro / Sayuki