Ore ga Kanojo o Okasu Wake Episode 6


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Ore ga Kanojo o Okasu Wake Episode 6

He, Ryuji Oki, has consistently adored me, Haruka and her girl Natsume, and showed us the joy of a lady. On account of Ryuji-Kun, Satsuka had the option to encounter numerous men. Mother is happy that the administration’s abilities have grown a ton.

Also, the female slave of Ryuji-kun, who is currently ready to have the option to carve outside without being timid, is as of now fine. What’s more, as the last test from him, Satsuka was endowed with a client. Gracious dear? If you think there’s seen someplace, that individual No ♪ I’ll there is an award of Ryuji-kun if you can solidly your administration.
Best of luck, Summer!

Year: 2019 Year.
Release date: 2019/11/29
Source: Manga
Genre: Oral sex, Gokkun, Rape
Quality: WEB-720PX
language: Subbed
English name: Ore ga Kanojo o Okasu Wake Episode 6
Original name: 俺が姪(かのじょ)を○す理由(わけ) 六日目 彼女はその日ようやく親離れができた

Director: Yokoyama Hiromi
Studio: Suzuki Mirano

Date: November 12, 2020