Pandemic Episode 1

Pandemic Episode 1
Pandemic Episode 1

Release date: 2022/06/24

Source: Original
Quality: 1080p
language: Subtitle
English name: Pandemic
Original name: パンデミック

Director: Toru
Studio: mmdia/Comic Media

Pandemic  パンデミック  OVA パンデミック


If any woman can get a spree in a moment
A sexually acquired virus acquired by a middle-aged gym teacher is infected with a female school teacher and a schoolgirl.
Pandemic from a laboratory of pharmaceutical companies.
The infected person becomes the prisoner of sexual desire, attacks the opposite sex, and the attacking party also infects.
Several years have passed since the incident in the pharmaceutical company where the estrus virus started, and it was forgotten from the person in the world.
Tahara, a middle-aged gym teacher, is asked to be threatened by the mystery of a student from a mysterious man.
I want three women to sleep from a man who uses the power of the virus.
And to administer the estrus virus passed to them by using the position of teacher.
However, the desire of Tahara does not only remain, and it infects the whole school to the virus.
The student and the teacher are infected with all students, and the student and the teacher plunge into the intercourse as sexual desire.
Tahara trains infected female students with their pole meat sticks…

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