Tsugunahi Episode 1

Tsugunahi Episode 1
Tsugunahi Episode 1

Release date: 2022/06/24

Source: Visual novel
Quality: 1080p
language: Subtitle
English name: Tsugunai
Original name: ツグナヒ

Director: Tente Moten
Studio: PoRO

Tsugunai  ツグナヒ   裏切られる教え子たち

Hey, why didn’t you help…
Half a year from the time when the sister Nana who had been stained by the men until it became drowned and had been tainted and became dirty was thrown away on the road ruthlessly…
The elder brother Ryoichi, who had finally shifted to revenge, visited the target as a teacher
Oh, what do you mean, stop doing anything
Beautiful girls going to the villa and Ryoichi
Ryoichi, who was able to fix the door while he was not aware of it as a secret room that could not escape, humiliated ruriko at the beginning
In the mouth of the mouth, I put an upset in the mouth and pull it into the throat.
Exhilarating the ruriko to cry for the first pain and fear…
AOI, nizuki, myoko and kanami. In his ear
The melancholy scream of ruriko echoes from another room.

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