Uwaki to Honki Episode 1


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Uwaki to Honki Episode 1

Pink Pineapple Studio and Director Rokuro Kuramori (Inmou/Indecent hair) declared an anime hentai variation of the manga Uwaki to Honki from the well-known mangaki Urasujibeya otherwise known as Urasuji Samurai. The delivery is booked for the start of harvest time in 2020.

The primary character Sasahara Keita as of late discovered that his dearest for quite a while went behind his back with some youthful person from the University. He was broken and sincerely discouraged. At another tanked party, he met his long-term sweetheart Mika Kuramoto, who the day preceding additionally confronted the double-crossing of her beau. A meaningful discussion resulted, and the two close companions discovered harmony in one another. Two broken hearts met to mollify their distresses…

Year: 2020 Year.
Release date: 25.09.2020
Source: Manga
Genre: Censored, 2020, Big Boobs, Big tits, Blowjob, Boob job, Creampie, Femdom, Hand Job, HD, Hentaihaven, Manga, New Release, Pink Pineapple, Plot, Slice of Life, Vanilla, Virgin
Quality: WEB-720PX
language: RAW
English name: Uwaki to Honki Episode 1
Original name: 

Director: Rokuro Kuramori
Studio: PinkPineapple

Uwaki to Honki Episode 1 浮気と本気 THE ANIMATION

Date: September 26, 2020

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